Band Bios

Alan Gooden - Drums

Alan's interest in music began at the age of five. His early attempts to learn the violin, flute and harpsichord were unsuccessful, but by then he had realised hitting things with sticks was much easier.

His early musical influences include Iron Maiden, Motörhead and The Goombay Dance Band.
Alan's love of frankfurters and sauerkraut, coupled with his complete lack of a sense of humour and penchant for leather trousers, meant that Oompah was the obvious choice. For years, his Friday and Saturday nights were often spent clad in lederhosen, beating out a rhythm whilst assorted horn players blasted out all the well known German beer-swilling songs around him.

Eventually, Alan grew bored with busty German wenches and moved on to play in original 80s band Chance and became a founder member of the legendary Elco Jones.
Not one to sit till for long, and recognising that a more sedate drumming pace would see him into old age, he founded The Real Swing Band, which was, and still is, a REAL swing band.

When his mid-life crisis hit, his need to rock the night away once again reared its ugly head and The Wayward Sons was born. Alan is pleased that, once again, he can close his eyes and imagine himself on stage at Wembley with dozens of black-clad security staff holding back the screaming teenage fans. The reality is somewhat different (the teenage fans are now in their fifties, for a start) but we can all dream, can't we?

For the technically minded amongst you, Alan plays a custom built DW kit. His hobbies include playing snooker and buying second hand cymbals from real drummers.


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